The West Hartford Women’s Soccer Club (WHWSC) strives to provide a competitive yet friendly playing environment for women of all ages and skill levels. In furtherance of this goal, WHWSC has adopted the following “Player Code of Conduct”. These rules of conduct are enforced before, during, and after the game. As a part of her registration, all WHWSC players agree to abide by the following:

  • Players shall not use unnecessarily rough tactics (before, during or after a game) against the body or person of an opposing player. Unnecessarily rough tactics includes all slide tackling and rushing the goalie once she has control of the ball.

  • Players shall not be verbally abusive to the officials or to any other players before, during or after a game. Verbally abusive language includes the use of profanity and threats of violence.

  • Players shall not at any time engage in violent conduct, as an aggressor or in retaliation, against any official or any other players anywhere on the field. Violent conduct includes shoving, striking, and/or grabbing.

  • Players, other than the team representatives, shall not discuss with an official in any manner the decision reached by such official. Players shall not object or demonstrate inappropriate dissent at an officials’ decision or refuse to abide by officials’ decisions. Throwing, kicking, or slamming soccer balls away from the official will not be tolerated

  • Players are responsible for the conduct of their spectators. Failure to attempt to control disruptive spectators may result in a forfeit to your team.

The Grievance Committee shall investigate complaints of behavior that violates the Player Code of Conduct in accordance with the WHWSC by-laws. The Grievance committee has the authority to take disciplinary action in their discretion based on the seriousness of the offense and the player’s history of prior offenses. Disciplinary action may range in proportion to the offense from a formal warning to suspension from one or more games. After more than two serious offenses (warranting game suspensions), the Grievance Committee may recommend permanent removal from the league upon a vote of the Board of Directors.

Any player who receives a second yellow card in one game or one red card is automatically suspended for the rest of the current game and one game immediately following. Serious violations, including dangerous, reckless, or violent conduct may result in additional game suspensions at the discretion of the Grievance Committee.

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