UPDATE SPRING 2024 - Unfortunately, we did not get enough interest to run a separate A Division for this coming spring. The league will consider exceptions to the age requirement for the B Division for players who still want to play in the more recreational division. Please email Abby or Carolyn (see emails links on the board of directors page) for more information about whether the B Division would be a good fit for you.

Division A is geared toward more competitive play (although slide tackling is not allowed) and, for 2024, is open to women 18 and older. The A Division holds playoffs to award a champion in the Spring season and no subbing is allowed. There are no playoffs in the Fall season and games do not count toward standings in the Spring; open subbing is permitted in the Fall.

Division A typically includes players with high school, premiere team, club, college, and/or some other type of competitive playing experience, but competitive experience is not required.

Due to low registration numbers in recent years, WHWSC has been unable to offer a separate A Division (we need at least 4 teams to offer a full season). However, we will continue to offer the competitive option. If there are not enough players to create the division, we will move interested players to the B Division or issue a full refund of any registration or other fees.

WHWSC does our best to accommodate team and/or group requests, however, we cannot guarantee placement, as it depends on the number of returning players to a team and the number of available roster spots.

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