To provide competitive and recreational soccer options for women of a wide range of ages and experience in the Greater Hartford region.

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**UPDATE 10/5/2010:

As a member league of the Connecticut State Soccer Association (CSSA), all WHWSC players may be sanctioned by the CSSA Disciplinary Committee for certain types of conduct.  CSSA promulgates and enforces any sanctions for disciplinary incidents, such as yellow card accumulation or red cards.  Please see for more information. 

The Sportsmanship Guidelines below are WHWSC-promulgated guidelines regarding our league's expectations of our players, and WHWSC may independently sanction or suspend players for violation of these guidelines, notwithstanding any CSSA action.


West Hartford Women's Soccer Club
Sportsmanship Guidelines
Updated 24 March 2000
In the spirit of the competition of any sport, it is important to remember the following adage: “Officials call the game. Coaches coach the game. Players play the game.”

In keeping with our mission, the West Hartford Women’s Soccer Club expects participants to adhere to the following guidelines of good sportsmanship:
  • Respect the decision an official and/or a coach makes during a game. Questions and/or clarifications can be made at half time or post game.
  • Respect the officials’ interpretation of the rules at all times.
  • No profanity.
  • Treat each other with respect; display a genuine concern for your opponent.
  • Maintain self-control in all circumstances. Verbal or visual gestures that indicate disagreement are unacceptable.
  • Accept the outcome of the game graciously. Shake hands between participants and coaches at end of match, regardless of outcome.
  • Cooperate with coaches, officials and fellow participants to conduct a fair match.
  • Encourage fans to display only good sportsmanship conduct.
Thank you very much.