To provide competitive and recreational soccer options for women of a wide range of ages and experience in the Greater Hartford region.

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West Hartford Women's Soccer club is located in West Hartford, CT for adult women age 21 and older.  All games are played in the town of West Hartford typically at Goodrich and Eisenhower fields (see Fields & Directions page for more info).

The league runs Spring and Fall seasons as well as an informal summer pickup season.  The Spring season is played on Saturday or Sunday evenings from Mid April to Mid June.  The Fall season is played on Sunday mornings September- Early November.  The summer pickup games are typically played Tuesday nights in July and August. 

There are two divisions, A & B.

The A Division is for ages 21+.  The A Division allows slide tackling and holds playoffs to award a championship during the spring season.  The fall season does not have playoffs and is not counted in the spring standings. Division A typically has players with High School, Club or College experience.

The B Division is for ages 25+.  B Division does not allow slide tackling and does not hold playoffs.

Both divisions contain players with a wide variety of playing experiences.  Please contact a division coordinator to learn more about each division or to find out which division would be appropriate for you.

The league accepts individual and team registrations.  Individuals are placed on teams by the division coordinator.  If an individual has a team request, all attempts are made to honor that, but placements are not guaranteed.  If you are interested in registering a team please contact a division coordinator or board member for more information. The division A coordinator is Marjorie Gottier- and the division B coordinator is Abby Wrinn- All other questions can be directed to the President, Danielle Garcia- .

Exceptions to the age minimum in Division B may be made on a case by case basis and will be determined by the division coordinators and executive board.