To provide competitive and recreational soccer options for women of a wide range of ages and experience in the Greater Hartford region.

Sponsored By:   Law Offices of James F. Aspell, P.C.
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Glover Complex, Field 3
Flatbush Ave, West Hartford
9/10/23   Day Time Team A Team B Field    
    SUNDAY 8:30 Green Royal GC2    
      8:30 Neon Orange GC3    
      10:00 Sky Black GC2    
      10:00 Yellow Red GC3    
      BYE WEEK White        
9/17/23   SUNDAY 8:30 Sky White GC2    
      8:30 Black Orange GC3    
      10:00 Yellow Royal GC2    
      10:00 Green Neon GC3    
      BYE WEEK Red        
9/24/23   SUNDAY 8:30 Green Yellow GC2    
      8:30 Red Sky GC3    
      10:00 Black Neon GC2    
      10:00 Orange White GC3    
      BYE WEEK Royal        
10/1/23   SUNDAY 8:30 Red Black GC2    
      8:30 Neon Royal GC3    
      10:00 Yellow Orange GC2    
      10:00 Green White GC3    
      BYE WEEK Sky        
10/8/23 Columbus Day weekend SUNDAY 8:30 Green Sky GC2    
      8:30 Yellow Neon GC3    
      10:00 Red White GC2    
      10:00 Black Royal GC3    
      BYE WEEK Orange        
10/15/23   SUNDAY 8:30 Green Orange GC2    
      8:30 Neon Sky GC3    
      10:00 White Yellow GC2    
      10:00 Royal Red GC3    
      BYE WEEK Black        
10/22/23   SUNDAY 8:30 Royal Orange GC2    
      8:30 White Black GC3    
      10:00 Neon Red GC2    
      10:00 Sky Yellow GC3    
      BYE WEEK Green        
10/29/23   SUNDAY 8:30 White Neon GC2    
      8:30 Royal Sky GC3    
      10:00 Orange Red GC2    
      10:00 Green Black GC3    
      BYE WEEK Yellow        
11/5/23   SUNDAY 8:30 Green Red GC2    
      8:30 Black Yellow GC3    
      10:00 Orange Sky GC2    
      10:00 Royal White GC3    
      BYE WEEK Neon